Elevating Investments, Maximizing Potential in Commercial Real Estate.

South Duvall is a commercial real estate investor based out of Rockville, MD focusing on value-add properties and select income producing properties.


We specialize in value-add and stabilized properties. Founded in 2017 by industry veteran Robert Scheer, our two-decade track record in the D.C. Metro area speaks to our ability to create value. Focused on Life Science, Health Care, and Technology real estate, our seasoned team, led by Robert and Director of Acquisitions Matt Brown, excels in complex projects requiring significant capital, intricate leasing, and unique property management solutions.


We invest in commercial real estate that contributes to a firm’s ability to create value. Assets that do this become vital to their tenants and will preserve value in the long term. Spaces that encourage collaboration, promote well being for a tenant’s employees, provide unique infrastructure necessary to a company’s mission or are in an area that clearly benefits its tenants, all contribute to a tenant’s ability to create value.


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